“So far she has been a great addition to our neighbourhood! Her treats have shown up at our book club and they were a beautiful addition to our food table.”

~Jenny DiPietro

“Made a beautiful cake for my dad. Love Goldspink cakes!”

~Emilie Closs

“LOVE Tobi’s talent, vibe of the store and her creations. Laura Vree was right to refer Tobi to me. Amazing Cakery.”

~Laura Langevin

“If you have a big sweet tooth and an appreciation for beauty, stop by here! Tobi makes delicious, beautifully made baked goods that will keep you coming back! Try one French macaron and you’ll be addicted, I swear. It’s like lays chips: bet you can’t have just one!! Also, if you have a party or event to go to that needs a custom made cake or cupcakes; Tobi can make it beautiful and delicious. You won’t be let down :)”

~Mackenzie L├╝bker

“Tobi is such a talented young lady;o) I was so pleased with the amazing smash cake she made for my daughters first birthday! It was just prettiest little cake I have ever seen… And it tasted just as amazing as it looked. Her hard work, creativity clearly shows in all her cakes… I will be back for sure!”

~Lisa Marie Graham

“Bond Head is very lucky to have you!! Tobi is a double threat… not only does she design and produce amazing cakes and sweets, Tobi is a genuinely caring and kind person and so easy to be around. Call TODAY to place your orders because I have a sneaking suspicion her calendar will fill up quickly!!!”

~Roxanne Byng